Travelogue: Dubai Day 9


It was the second last day of our trip and it had to be made memorable, because the last would be used to shop last minute stuff so like the 9th episode of Game of Thrones this had to be epic.
(Big GoT fan, and since Winter is Here,therefore the reference. Can’t keep calm at all) .


We have a lot of family and family friends in Dubai, so it was this huge family affair, and it was decided that we would go for a Desert Safari. We had a light lunch since dune bashing can make people feel sick.


We were picked and taken to the desert via a bus. At the edge of the desert, we got strapped in a Land Cruiser and were tossed up and down as the car zoomed across the fantastic sand dunes.


We stopped in the middle of the desert, where a beautiful camp greeted us. We chilled in the camp for a little while and got our hands painted with henna. There was sheesha, and a small photo session with Arabian Eagles.


 A camel ride was scheduled after this which got us more into the desert vibe.


Next up was quad biking, which I was initially afraid to ride and so I sat pillion. But soon enough I mustered enough courage to ride it myself.

20170428_165131.jpg Doing that, I realised why biking is such a passion. It really does feel great to manoeuvre a bike. Also I ticked off this activity from my adventure sport bucket list.

As evening fell, we moved into the Arabian style camp and were greeted to an absolutely stunning belly dance show and an equally beautiful Tanura Dance. 


It was followed by a sumptuous dinner, where we gorged on delicious barbeque preparations and some not so delicious vegetarian food.


Making my way back, leaving the desert, a feeling of barrenness took hold of me. That bittersweet feeling that refuses to leave you, when all is well, and the starlit sky reassures you, but you know it would be the last time you’d feel such things, because it is never going to be the first time again. Because the desert sands have a way of getting in your soul.


 There’s an Arabic saying which says once you step on the desert sands, they hold you in their barriers forever. Perhaps, it is true. Perhaps it is not. I take in the desert landscape for the last time, the dark sky kissing the tops of the sand dunes, the vast, neverending stretch of the desert, its eerie silence echoing with unknown stories, the winds whispering tales of time. I fill my lungs with the desert air and an unimaginable longing grips me.


All that we have lost, is it here? Does the stark, raw beauty of the desert hide our sorrows? Is it why the deserts have so little life, because all human suffering gets buried in the sameness of deserts everywhere? 



Zoya 😘

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10 thoughts on “Travelogue: Dubai Day 9

  1. U indeed lived ur day to the fullest nd by writing it down u relived it…..u got back me my memories of having spent a similar day in dubai….it was indeed gr8 fun….thanks for getting it bck for me …😘

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