Travelogue: Dubai Day 6- Part II


Buggy ride!

From the dolphin bay we took a buggy to reach the Atlantis Aquaventure.
Apparently it is the best in Dubai and I have absolutely no doubt about it.


First time in a burkini(almost), can’t afford the glorious tans bikinis provide πŸ˜›

The worst part is though I don’t have any pictures of when I was actually doing the rides, but you can get them if you are willing to pay very unreasonable amounts of money for one picture( according to INR).
The safety levels out there are very high so you needn’t worry about getting injured or lost.


I was carrying slippers πŸ˜›

After taking a locker to keep all of our stuff we started the day’s activities.
First we took a tube ride through the River Rapids several times. It was too much fun for just one turn. πŸ˜›


Then another round through the Torrent River which was even better. It felt like we were actually in the middle of a cyclone.
While we were through it we also had a shower in the artificial waterfalls.



‘Posing’ for a ‘candid’ πŸ˜€

The lifeguards are so amicable and helpful. I got chatty with some of them and it was quite a pleasure to know them.
It always feels good to converse with people from different countries and cultures.



Check out Atlantis hotel behind me!


Aquaventure Waterpark has two other segments for rides. The Tower of Neptune and The Tower of Poseidon.


For my dearest friends who have complained of the lack of this in my posts.

The Tower of Poseidon has Aquaconda which is the world’s largest waterslide. Then there is Zoomerango which has one experiencing a mix of sensations, from mega plummets and vertical zooms with thrilling bursts of weightlessness throughout.

IMG_20170425_175652IMG_20170425_175457There’s Poseidon’s Revenge and Slitherine, two other amazing rides. But my favourite has to be Zoomerango which I did multiple times.


The Tower of Neptune has Water Coasters which propelled us up and down on jets of water and The Shark Attack where we journeyed through the core of the tower to emerge into the middle of a shark filled lagoon.

IMG_20170425_180328IMG_20170425_181730IMG_20170425_181430 The best ride and my absolute favourite is The Leap of Faith which was a 9 story mega slide which is nearly vertical and hurtles one in a mere second. That kind of adrenaline rush, my goodness, it was crazy!


Bidding adieu

The best thing about these rides was that my mom did all of them except Poseidon’s Revenge and Leap of Faith, which gave me even greater joy. My experience at Aquaventure was undoubtedly the best I have ever had in my life.


Twin Towers behind me.

After changing we clicked a few pictures at some places and went to Glow Garden.



Cinderella in her carriage!

IMG_20170425_204956 Its a great place for photography. The entire garden is filled with all kinds of lights to create some really good art.




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