Travelogue : Dubai Day 5- Part II

Once we were satisfied by the hundreds of pictures we took in that manmade extravaganza of beauty called Burj Khalifa we returned to the Dubai Mall. 


Next we went to the Dubai Aquarium ( inside the mall) , where we were taken through a tunnel with the aquarium as the ceiling and the walls.

IMG_20170424_160552IMG_20170424_160810 Since we had taken the explorer tickets we were escorted to a boat with a floor of glass and set sail inside the aquarium. Rays, sharks, eels and a variety of other fishes whose names I did not understand ( the guide had a very thick accent) were all swimming beneath us.

IMG_20170424_164332IMG_20170424_164452IMG_20170424_165149They also have packages to scuba dive, snorkel, feed the fishes and swim with the sharks.
After the boat ride we were taken to the tropical rainforest and being there seeing the fishes I really missed some of my friends; they are such huge fish lovers they would have died to see what I was seeing.

IMG_20170424_171042Screenshot_20170607-200711-1-1IMG_20170424_170439 IMG_20170424_170127-1.jpg

However the Dubai Aquarium saved the best for the last and we could see adorable penguins. I had the good fortune to see one actually swimming. Penguins are the cutest creatures in the whole world.


Once outside the aquarium, we spent some time exploring the huge mall. It has some really beautiful corners where a picture is a must – The Waterfall, The Souk , The Souk- al – Bahara being some of them.


In the evenings the Dubai Mall has a show of the Dubai fountains. Now if one goes at the top of the Burj Khalifa during this time they can see the show from above which would enhance the view so much. The five minute show has people waiting for hours to get a good view of the fountains and the wait is totally worth it.



All in all, it was a beautiful day with some memories that are going to last a lifetime.


Zoya 😘

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8 thoughts on “Travelogue : Dubai Day 5- Part II

  1. First and foremost, I should say Allah ka lakh lakh shukr hai.
    Mashallah, Zoya the writer. And subhanallah Dubai.
    The beauty of Dubai is breathtaking on its own. And the way you have described it, with all your pictures with Dubai Mall as the backdrop is icing on the cake.

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