Review: Rains off a Smoky Sky

Rains off a smoky sky, Dr. Pritam Mandal’s first book has Anurita as the protagonist who offers us a glimpse into her life through the pages of her diary, whom she calls Rita.

To the world, Anu is just an ordinary girl from a small village in West Bengal, whose dreams are much bigger than the set norms of the society she is a part of. As she takes flight into the world, she is often held back by the judgemental society.


Her story is one of courage, dreams and the belief that one person can make a difference. The book raises a lot of questions, all of them equally important and relevant in today’s world. A question it raises again and again is of waste management and how we humans, despite being the most evolved of all species to have populated this planet, are a complete failure at dealing with  this simple yet humongous problem. Despite all this technology and brain at our disposal, we are incapable of coping with our own garbage.

The book addresses several issues – of bombings, rape threats, corruption, the plight of women, the society, the condition and current reality of our country, the environment; therefore sometimes, it becomes too preachy. If only the author had been a little more picky about the problems he chose to highlight, in my opinion it could have been a better book. Apart from that, there are several printing mistakes and a few grammatical errors which could have been avoided by thorough editing and proofreading. For instance, the name of the book itself.

However, Anurita’s story and her opinions are important, because we need to be made aware of the damage we are causing to our wonderful Blue Planet. And as Anu doesn’t give up hope and discovers fireflies in the darkness dancing in the rain-bathed petals of lovely carnations, we can too.

We can change our ways.

We can change the world.



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