Travelogue: Dubai Day 5- part I

This was one of the best days of my trip. This was the first day I used public transport in Dubai, so it was a new challenge. But the public transport system there has been created with the sole objective of being tourist friendly and so it is very easy to use; very, very clean and completely air conditioned.  IMG_20170424_142318.jpgIMG_20170424_141702We took the metro to the Dubai Mall ( most of the metro stations open directly into malls) and walked through a long, long connector to enter the mall.


IMG_20170424_143438Now we had tickets to visit the Burj Khalifa, so we made our way to At The Top ( that’s the entry point to Burj Khalifa). They offer views from the 140th floor and 124 th floor.


We walked through corridors which showed us the history of Burj Khalifa and educated us about some cool facts. Like the amount of steel rebar used for the tower if laid end to end, would extend over a quarter of the way around the world; and the design embodies the lyrical and well proportioned structure of Spider Lily, a regional desert flower.



We were escorted to the lifts and we were at the 124 th floor in exactly 1 minute. I actually used a timer to check. Typical ‘desi’ things πŸ˜›

And in a jiffy, I was literally at the top of the world. The tallest and one of the most iconic towers of modern times- and I was in it. That feeling is crazy!
Once at the top, the view is  just unbelievable.

IMG_20170424_141656.jpg IMG_20170424_141707.jpg


It is so, so beautiful to look at the city. From up there, Dubai looks like a miniature version of itself. That view of the city, its “designer” buildings, it’s roads, its beaches and everything else is marvellous.

IMG_20170424_145817 IMG_20170424_143241 IMG_20170424_142502On​e can also view the Dubai Fountains from up there if they go in the evening. Also pictures taken up there are love 😍

Zoya 😘

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4 thoughts on “Travelogue: Dubai Day 5- part I

  1. The view is seriously breathtaking . And thanks for sharing these details beautifully that ll definitely help others to visit these places in Dubai 😍😊

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  2. Mashallah.
    I must say taareef karoon kya uski jisne tumhen banaya.
    God has gifted me a beautiful daughter with a beautiful mind.
    Allah ka lakh lakh shukr hai.

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