Travelogue : Dubai Day 4

Dubai has lots of beaches. There’s one very close to Burj al Arab called the Kite Beach, which was our destination for the day. A long stretch of white, pristine sand greeted us and the skies looked playful with colourful kites flying across and spreading cheer.

images (2)

The trip to the beach shows one how liberal Dubai is. All females were in bikinis and despite Dubai being a city in a Muslim country, no one gave them a second glance. People are least bothered by what you wear, you won’t be the victim of lewd stares , uncomfortable oglings or anything of that sort. I have never seen so much freedom to wear anything in India.

People in burkinis were swimming along comfortably with the ones in bikinis, not judging anyone for wearing less or more clothes.
Apart from swimming, sunbathing and the usual there are plenty of water sports one can indulge in!
After a small picnic on the beach we went home to grab lunch and rest. Being a complete sucker for water, I completely forgot that I should take enough pictures and so here we are back again, with no pictures, only pleasant memories. 


Few hours later we changed and then made our way to Ibn Battuta Mall. This is a theme mall. It has courts of each country Ibn Battuta, the great traveller and scholar visited. And the courts are representative of that country both from inside and outside. 

Everything from the floor, the ceilings, the walls is worth viewing.There was the China court, India court, Persia court, Tunisia Court, Andalusia Court. Each time you enter a new court, it transports you to another country. 


IMG-20170424-WA0021.jpg IMG_20170423_190051

Since I had never been to a theme mall before it was something very new for me.
We ended the day by some shopping and eating authentic shawarmas which are NOT juicy, and taste quite bland and dry to the Indian palate. One thing I know, there’s nothing better than ‘Hindustani khana’. Nothing at all.


Zoya ๐Ÿ˜˜

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5 thoughts on “Travelogue : Dubai Day 4

  1. Mashallah
    You are looking glamorous and fabulous in all your pics
    Really the concept of Ibn Batuta Mall is awesome
    While viewing the China Court one feels that one is in China
    I’m becoming a bigger fan of yours day by day.

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