Travelogue: Dubai Day 3

The third day came by too soon, and we had a tour of the city planned by a relative of ours who’s a resident of Dubai.

IMG-20170423-WA0038.jpg IMG-20170423-WA0035.jpg

Around 11 o clock ( local time) we left to view Atlantis ( that magnificent piece of art in the name of a hotel ) . There’s a newly constructed boulevard outside of it along the sea on one side and the other lined by small food trucks and stalls, giving it such a filmy feel. When you walk on that boulevard with the wind playing with your hair and having pictures clicked at every step, it really feels like you’re a movie star.

IMG_20170422_133812 IMG_20170422_131943.jpg

From there we hopped on to our ride ( Audi – yet again my first 😍😍) and went to some viewing points which don’t have names and also are not so known ( lucky us, having a guide ) to get a daytime view of the Dubai landscape.


Screenshot_2017-05-26-16-19-33Dubai is vastly different in the way it looks like during the day and during the night. Both immensely beautiful but poles apart.


Next we went to the Mall of Emirates. Apart from the brands available the main attraction there is Ski Dubai. The temperature inside is – 2 degrees Celsius and they have created a whole new world within it complete with igloos and slopes for skiing. There are some brilliant rides here which include zorbing, zip line and also a penguin show. All in all its a lovely experience especially if you are a kid.

Our next stop was Dubai Marina Mall and a picture will suffice. It looked like a diamond necklace on the Queen of the night.

IMG_20170420_225434-1.jpg DSC05916



Brands are strewn across Dubai, even those which we have to struggle to find in Kolkata are available at every nook and corner. Also the collection comes here wayyyyyy sooner.
Outside the Dubai Marina Mall is the Marina walk.


Again a very pretty boulevard with datepalms and benches dotting it and fountains. There was a gigantic screen playing movies and bean bags strewn across and families watching it. It was something I had never imagined before.


There was some chocolate festival going on as a courtesy of which everyone was getting candy floss free of cost multiple times. It was so cool (free stuff always is). It was then when I learned that Dubai keeps giving free stuff. During Eid all TV channels are given free for the week, in ramzan there are multiple free events and celebrations where foot massages, perfume bottles and several other things are just given to the public for free. During shopping festivals people win cars and big television sets.
Imagine that!

I wouldn’t mind winning a car at all πŸ˜‚

Then we had a small photo session keeping the Burj al Arab in the background. Entry is only to people staying at the hotel :/


Late at night we went to the newly constructed Dubai Canal. The manmade canal with the backdrop of lit up skyscrapers is a sight to behold. The walk over the bridge constructed over the water body at midnight was love ❀


IMG-20170423-WA0113.jpgIt was one of the things I had always wanted to do but hadn’t known till I actually did it!
( I’m​ hoping my readers do relate with this emotion) .
P.S. Stay tuned for further posts.
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7 thoughts on “Travelogue: Dubai Day 3

  1. Mashallah
    God has crafted you to inspire
    You are a connoisseur of beauty
    The photographs of scenic beauty are awesome
    You are an awesome writer as well as a very good photographer!!
    With lots and lots of love and best wishes


  2. Thank you Zoya for the beautiful account of your trip to Dubai. Ramzan se pehle behtareen tohfa hai. Lag raha hai hum bhi Dubai ghoom kar aa rahe hain. It was an amazing treat to go through your narrative. Very spontaneous and original. Reminds me of my earlier days when I was a lot like you, literally I mean. The snaps are breathtaking and you are looking great. May Allah grant you many more trips so that I can savour your experiences with equal delight.
    Looking forward to your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

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