Travelogue: Dubai Day 2

Dubai is a hot city.

That’s what everyone keeps saying all the time.
But to me, it is not…
I came from Calcutta at a time when the temperature was 37 degrees Celsius and humidity was soaring. But in Dubai, each and every place is air conditioned so it doesn’t feel quite so hot.!

The second day took us to Corniche on the way to Abu Dhabi.
A lovely, bright afternoon at mild ( to people used to intense heat and humidity) temperatures of 30 degrees greeted us as we took in the vast expanse of the sea. It was a beautiful, calming sight.



Dubai being the tourist friendly place that it is, has benches under shade every few minutes of walking distance. Strolling along the pavement, breathing the fresh, clean air and chatting about everything under the sky, my mother and I were a picture of pure bliss.
Fashionistas please don’t judge me for my attire at the beach. We had to go to a mosque later.


A little while later we took a cab to Marina Mall . Now that was awesome because I bought a few things from Zara (secret self five).



All girls are going to totally identify with my pleasure at that!

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque was our next destination.



Now what do I say about that place.?
It looks like a castle out of a Disney movie (Jasmine’s castle to be exact, from Aladdin). It transports you to another era.


And an old soul like me found such peace in the  palace of ethereal beauty. The walls. The floors. The ceiling. The construction. The lights. It was all spectacular.



That kind of beauty, that kind of peace – you need to see it to believe it!
I feel short of words to explain everything I felt as I viewed the majestic mosque.
Though we didn’t want to leave, but tourists have a duty to do so and we ended the day with a visit to Yas mall- the largest in Abu Dhabi. There’s a vast difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and it’s quite evident. The crowd and it’s attire is self explanatory.
All in all, the day turned out to be quite productive and we fell into an exhausted but happy sleep. πŸ™‚



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10 thoughts on “Travelogue: Dubai Day 2

  1. So true 😁 . Dubai is a pure bliss and a piece of peace . Ur blogs are reminding me of Dubai so very much and I m missing it as hell . It’s like I can see those beauties in front of me after reading your posts . Thanks a lot dear 😘😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mashallah you are a beautiful writer with a beautiful mind who knows how to describe the beauty .
    In my opinion you are the Shakespeare of this age.
    Will be anxiously waiting for your 3rd day travelogue.

    Liked by 1 person

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