Review: Maneka’s Choice by Kavita Kane

A woman’s tale of love, loss and sacrifice, Kavita Kane spins her story borrowing characters from Hindu mythology and recreates them. Hindu mythology, essentially scripted by men, for men fails to emphasise the importance of women and their huge role in the shaping of historical events. Kavita Kane takes it upon herself to initiate and carry forward this daunting task.

Her wronged heroine, Maneka- the most glorious and beauteous of all apsaras pines for just one thing- family, but heaven, despite all it’s cold and stifling bounty and apparent freedom has nothing to offer to her. Surrounded by devas and gandharvas who are besotted by her pulchritude and apsaras who are jealous, heaven is not a happy place for this daughter of Brahma.


It is when she is given the task of seducing Vishwamitra whose intense tapasya threatened Indra’s throne in Amravati that she devises a scheme to free herself from Indra’s tyranny. What started out as a plan to protect the sly deva Indra soon morphed into love- so deep and tempestuous that it overshadowed everything else. Through the love of Vishwamitra, Maneka finally has all the happiness she craved, but her love couldn’t be selfish anymore. So she propelled Vishwamitra towards the greatness he deserved and made him who he was- a Brahmarishi, the likes of whom the ‘loks’ hadn’t witnessed.

It is the story of a woman so strong, that she alone changed the destinies of the ‘loks’ and the future of all mankind. It is the story of her sacrifice, her eternal everlasting fountain of love whose flow never ebbed but immersed the throes of heaven. A love not whimsical and fiery like that of man but like deep, calming waters which gave life, sustained life, built greatness and could never be vanquished.


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18 thoughts on “Review: Maneka’s Choice by Kavita Kane

  1. Your review is marvellous.
    You have described the life of heaven and the beauty of Aparas
    and the discontentment of Maneka very nicely.
    After reading this review I feel all women are a fountain of love.

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  2. Very beautifully written. You have portrayed how a woman sacrifices herself for the goodwill of mankind. Truly, being a woman is amazing and I will definitely read this book because you have written your blog with such finesse it makes me want to read the book. Your writing style is also very simple and effortless and it makes people want to read books. Keep it up and I am proud of you.β™₯

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  3. Your review is marvellous.
    You have described the life of heaven and the beauty of Apsaras
    and the discontentment of Maneka very nicely.
    After reading this review I feel all women are fountains of love.

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  4. U have written it in such a meritorious way…ur work is amazinggg…ur review gives all avid readers the exact thing wat thy wana knoe before strtng the book…nd thnks for telling us about tis book which brings out essence of woman’s love

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  5. A truly inspiring appreciation of the novel. Kavita is one my favourite modern author and your review has made the book a must read for me. The novel depiction of Mandela’s character gives rise to curiosity and interest. Thank you for such an encouraging review. Keep it up.

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