Review: Looking For Alaska by John Green

Teenage years – a very controversial period of man’s entire existence. Somehow, we can all come up with atleast one major regret from those years.

Looking for Alaska – a book exploring such regrets makes a good attempt to explain teenagers. But teenage never makes sense ( nor does adult life for that matter).


Miles Halter, in order to escape his boring and friendless existence in Florida, gets enrolled in Culver Creek, Alabama for high school.  Boarding school brings with itself smart friends, new classes, adventures, pranks and complicated relationships.

The boredom of his quiet and routinely life is shaken up by Alaska, who introduces him to the many firsts of his life. Besotted by a girl, who is haunted by monsters of her past and oscillates between extremes of happiness and sorrow, Miles’ love life is a tragic one.

A life altering event follows and as his world falls apart, Miles shows teens and adults alike what it is to grow up and how does it actually feel like. There’s no big demarcation on when one grows up but a silent moment which seamlessly blends with all others and you find yourself with burdens you’ll forever carry.

Since it is written in the perspective of a teenage boy, the book sometimes feels immature. Indian readers may also not relate to the high school experience of Miles because ours is very different. But the book does make for an interesting one time read.

Zoya 😘

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22 thoughts on “Review: Looking For Alaska by John Green

  1. You have interpreted the teenage feelings very nicely. It is very true that there is no demarcation on when one grows up.
    That’s why this age is called a period of storm and stress.

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  2. I hadn’t liked this book much when I had read it. After reading your review, I think I’ll read it again. I don’t think I got the essence of the book the first time. πŸ™‚

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